Goeasyaviation is a high-quality provider of global, time-definite, airport-to-airport unscheduled and scheduled air cargo services. With a modern, all-cargo-aircraft, coverage of major world markets, vast experience in air cargo and a commitment to quality, safety and customer service. Our air freight services will exceed all your expectations of all air transportation mode with additional value. Goeasyaviation air will soon be back for the details when operations start.

What We Offer

  • We Are Aircraft Operator : We are a direct cargo carrier
  • Urgent And On Demand Charter : Goeasyaviation is available 24/7 operating globally with our partners around the world. We will quickly find the best and reliable cargo aircraft for your needs and have your package/consignment delivered within shortest time.
  • Cargo Handling : We maximize cargo value on your delivery.
  • Air Charter Broker : We are also a(n) Air Charter Broker that matches customers’ travel needs with licensed air carrier.
  • Heavy and Outside Cargo : We apply detailed knowledge making sure accurate volumes and loading guidelines are applied when transport heavy and outsize cargo for various industries.
  • Scheduled Routes : Goeasyaviation operates several highly reliable and successful scheduled routes. We also have experience operating routes within and outside the regions.
  • Dangerous Goods Cargo : We are fully up-to-date on the routing restrictions and regulations surrounding dangerous goods. We are experts at making sure correct licensed aircraft delivers those sensitive materials safely.

Please contact our agents for more information at our Nigeria number +2348145475679, +2348177302725, +2348146523478, +23412900112, +23412900846, +23412900847 Fax number +1877-658-4744. And, or USA Number +1404-704-6475, Fax number +1877-658-4744

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