About Us


Goeasyaviation Company is a sister company to Easytickets LTD, and Easycargo International that combines people, technology, assets, and expertise that work together to help our customers around the world succeed and achieve their goals. We are capable of express delivery of virtually any type of freight, and we provide scheduled , non-scheduled, or on-demand charter service for customers around the world.

Goeasyaviation Company has two coverage segments: transportation and logistics. Within these segments, our business is diversified by regions, professionals, and types of services. Most importantly, we are endowed with top talents, season operators and best in aviation industry. We work closely with our customers throughout the entire supply chains from points of origin to the end-consumers.

Goeasyaviation Company is committed to providing our customers with the most effective and complete on-demand air cargo services available in the industry. We operates our flights safely, efficiently, economically and in accordance with the applicable regulations.

  • Goeasyaviation values are the spirit of our culture, and these cultures are the reasons why our customers believe in us.

  • We believe that servicing with integrity is one of the best way to earn trust. Our dependability reflects in our decision-making and accountability in all our daily transactions and interactions with our customers, employees, and suppliers.

  • We make sure that our customers, suppliers, and our teams receive frequent and timely communications on issues which ultimately bring reliance. Our quick actions help others perform at their best; in addition, while we are under pressure, we are always respectful because we look for ways to contribute to the team effort to accelerate results.

  • We are a team working with a shared sense of purpose across regions, countries and continents to deliver on our promises. We are engage as a team to help our customers achieve success

  • We strive to provide every customer with service that is best in the industry, as measured by the qualities that our customers care about most. We operate with a strong work ethic, resulting in both efficiency and transparency in the performance of our jobs.

  • Safety is paramount to bedrock of our organization, and we believe that safety is of the utmost importance, extending beyond the company, but also to our customers, communities and families. Our organization has a policy that routinely put safety policies to test through code-red exercise and fire-drilling.

  • Our generation is faced with challenges that we’ve never seen before; as a result, we take technological advancement seriously. And we are willing to embark on any ambitious challenges with expected solution which is the ultimate outcome of innovation.

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